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What is the process to get my home listed with your company?

You may list online, by clicking on the “List a Home” link on the left hand side of your screen.  You will then need to register if you have not listed with us before.  If you have listed with us in the past, you may login using your email address for your login and the first initial of your first name and complete last name for your password.  You will then be able to fill in the details of your home and upload photos.  Remember, these photos will show our clients the décor and layout of your home, so make sure they are crisp and clear.  You may also print and fill out the paper application. There is a $25.00 listing fee, we accept cash, check, or PayPal online. If you fill out the paper appliction, we will also need a CD with digital photos. Once we have the details of your home, your pictures, and the $20.00 listing fee, your home will show on the website for clients to preview. You are responsible for resubmitting your listing form, updated photos and listing fee each year. Remember, we do not know that you are available unless you update your information each year!

What type of photos are needed?

Please make sure you include the front of your home, this is the first photo the client will see. These photos are how the potential clients will see your home, so please make sure these pictures showcase your home to the best of their ability. We recommend taking them around Masters© time while the flowers are in bloom. This will show how your home will look when the guests will arrive. Please use the guide in the add/delete photos section to help you take the needed pictures.  This section points out the pictures that most clients are interested in seeing.  However, if you do not have a game room or exercise room, etc., please fill this space with another appropriate picture.  The more pictures you have showcasing your home, the better idea the client can get of the home. The reason for these photos is to show the clients the décor and layout of the home. We HIGHLY recommend if you have children’s rooms, before you take the photos make them as adult as possible. Please remove any posters, stuffed animals, and children’s bedding, etc.

How should I determine what my house should rent for during the week of the Masters?

You can expect to receive between $1,000.00 and $2,000.00 per bedroom and bath. Of course each home is unique and the price should be determined on an individual basis, by what you have to offer (pool, pool table, etc.). Please try and speak with some of your neighbors and see what they have received in previous years. We also suggest using our website as a tool when determining price.  Look under the “Rent a Home” section and do a search for homes that are similar to yours and see what they are listed for.  This will also help you see your competition. The use of the home will also determine the price for the week.

What is a dinner home?

These are homes that companies are renting to be able to have their clients there for dinner instead of going out to crowded restaurants. Dinners will be prepared in the home or brought in by a catering company. This is something that should be expected in renting your home. Please make sure your gas grill has a full tank of gas.

What is a host home?

These homes are rented to entertain guests and have catered dinners/parties. Like a dinner home the details of the use of the home will be discussed before a contract is signed. Please let us know if you are interested in being a host home. These homes are usually 4,000 sq ft plus, with large open floor plans and/or extensive backyards with large entertaining areas.

What happens if there is any damage to my home?

The client renting your home is responsible for any damages or losses to your property. However, normal wear and tear is the homeowner’s responsibility. You can contact your personal insurance company with regard to any short-term coverage that you may feel appropriate to cover yourself during the rental period. A contract is signed by both the homeowner and the client, stating that the home will be returned as found. However, if a problem exists, please notify Corporate Quarters, Inc. immediately in order to resolve any issues.

Do I have to pay taxes on the money I receive for renting my home during the Masters© week?

Corporate Quarters will send you a 1099 form for rent received as a result of renting your home during the Masters© Tournament. If you have rented your house for less than 15 days during the year, this income is not taxable.

What kind of preparations should I make in my home before Masters guests arrive?

  • Your home should have a thorough cleaning before your guests arrive. This should include hard-to-reach spaces, air filters, and kitchen appliances. Homeowners are responsible for their own maid service during the rental period. You are responsible for hiring, paying, and making sure the housekeeper has everything they may need throughout the week to keep the home as clean as possible. (Toilet paper, paper towels, Windex, Pledge, etc…)

  • Make sure that all light bulbs (inside and out) are in good, working order. Please leave any special instructions for all electronics in home. (Air, Heat, Alarms, Security System, Surround Sound, etc.)

  • Make arrangements for mail delivery to be picked-up up or held at post office until your return.

  • All pets should be off property, and house cleaned thoroughly including carpets if needed, in hopes of no allergic reactions of our clients. We have had complaints of fleas in which you may not notice until the pet is removed.

  • Please remove personal items or IRREPLACEABLE ITEMS from your home and place, either in a locked closet or off premises.

  • Please leave all contact information in the home for homeowner, electrician, plumber, etc. The location of your breaker box and shutoff valves for water, electricity and gas lines is also needed.

  • You are NOT to enter your home the week of Masters© unless prior arrangements have been made. Clients expect to have privacy at all times during their stay in your home.

  • The only items asked for repeatedly are a coffee machine, alarm clocks in each room, and AT LEAST one TV for central viewing.

  • If your towels or linens are over used and fraying at the ends these will need to be replaced. It is certainly easier on the maid if these are neutral colors so she is able to wash them all together.

When is the prime rental season for Masters© housing?

We start accepting applications for Masters© housing in the summer. Of course, the sooner you get your information in, the longer you have to get your home rented, and the more exposure you will get. We rent homes up to the first day of the tournament and sometimes even during the week of the tournament.

Am I able to list my home with another rental company?

You are allowed to list your home with multiple companies; there is no penalty. The only thing we do ask is if you get your home rented by another company, please contact us and let us know so that we can mark you rented in our system. We will continue to market your home unless otherwise notified that it has already rented.

How do we check on the progress of our application?

Once you are in our system, you are available for us to market to our clients. The majority of our clients, when calling, give us their budget, how many people they are needing to sleep, and location. If your home fits their criteria then you are marketed to them. We DO NOT call the homeowner each time someone inquires about your home. We only contact homeowners when someone is interested in making an offer on your home or has a question about your home that we cannot answer by looking at your inforamation and/or photos. So, please be patient and know that we will contact you when we have something to tell you.