Our Story

Shortly after moving to Augusta, Diane married the guy she met on the golf course over 50 years ago. Diane began her career in the industry with a fifteen year stint as director of the Masters Housing Bureau. As her family began to grow, she took a leap of faith and started her own housing agency closer to home in Columbia County. What started in a simple little office on Washington Road has become more than Diane could’ve ever imagined. By matching out of town guests with local homeowners for over forty five years, CQ Golf has been able to develop symbiotic relationships on both sides of the spectrum that ensures her guests are receiving the hospitality they have come to expect, and the local partners feel confident in leaving their homes in her care, while they enjoy spring break.
As CQ Golf has grown into more than just a housing provider, she is thrilled to have her two oldest daughters, and granddaughter join the business. Having enjoyed success since the inception, Diane feels it still comes down to the basics. A love for entertaining combined with a dedication to old fashioned customer service, plus having the greatest event in the world just down the road, will hopefully keep CQ Golf & Masters Kitchen Kaddies going and growing for years to come.

Kelly S.
Kelly Starr joined the family business in 2018. After spending her career in medical sales it was time to go back to what she has grown up around her entire life. Kelly has always admired her Mother, Diane Starr’s drive and passion for her two businesses CQ Golf and Masters Kitchen Kaddies. Through these experiences, Kelly has quickly submerged herself in growing the family business. Kelly enjoys spending time with her two kids traveling and playing sports.

Kelly H.
Having had worked in the local banking business for over a decade, Kelly had an interesting path that led her to CQ Golf over eight years ago. Born, and raised here in Augusta, The Masters has always been interwoven into her world. Diane and Traci were always coming into the bank to handle their business. They naturally gravitated to one another, and Kelly became their defacto bank teller. A business relationship evolved into a friendship. Having always been intrigued by their business, she was thrilled when they reached out to her about joining their team. As Kelly and her husband were growing their family, the atmosphere at CQ Golf was very attractive. So in January 2011, Kelly became the CFO at Corporate Quarters, handling incoming payments, as well as disbursement to homeowners. It is a rare treat to deal with people on both sides of the isle who are happy. Clients pre-paying for what is a bucket list dream for most, and homeowners receiving a check to take a vacation, or make a home improvement that they have always dreamed of. The combination of it all has been perfect for her family.

Traci is a Georgia girl, born and raised right here in Augusta. Golf and the Masters has always been a big part of her life. From going to the tournament with her Dad, and heading over to the "19th Hole" celebrations at her grandparents’ home just outside the gates of the National as a child, to finally being able to help her Mom, Diane Starr with her business as she grew older, the first full week in April has become a huge part of her life. 
Traci and her husband Steve returned to Augusta in 1996 to raise their first daughter. While he traveled for his business, Diane asked her to come in and help her prepare for the upcoming tournament. With her baby girl in her crib at the office, she got her first opportunity to truly dip her toes in the family business. Helping her Mom with housing and catering down on the old Beekman’s road, no one was really prepared for what was going to transpire the first week of April in 1997. Tiger grabbed his first green jacket, and nothing has been the same since. 
With the birth of Carson and Jack, her role as mother grew exponentially, so did her responsibilities at Corporate Quarters. Her mother, having created, and grown the businesses while raising her four children was adamant about me maintaining the perfect work/life balance. It has always been family first with the Starr family.
As her babies have now  grown into young adults, and  her husband travels less, she have been able to focus more on Corporate Quarters, and MKK. Maintaining close relationships with her local homeowners, while strengthening partnerships with her corporate clientele is now a full time endeavor. 
Things have certainly changed since the Sunday afternoon Tiger donned his first jacket, to how things are now. Menus have gotten far more sophisticated. We offer services and packages we never dreamed of back then. Traci’s little baby that was in her crib by my side, is now by her side helping deliver the magical experience  her clients have learned to expect  from CQ Golf and MKK over the past four decades of helping to keep the pilgrimage to Augusta, "A tradition unlike any other"